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Mass Mailing

Mailing Solution is a state-of-the-art email solution. It is fast, reliable, convenient and scalable. Its comprehensive set of features and controls not only helps you to reinforce the online brand of your business / organization but also offers an attractive proposition of zero investment on hardware, software & system administration. We provide complete outsourced mail solution for your organization and manage all systems. We provide you with complete control on all features of your mail solution through our easy to use web based interfaces.

Key Features of Our Mail Hosting Services: -

  • Integrated corporate identity with matching domain name and e-mail address
  • Customizable user mailbox quotas. Ability to add mailboxes as business grows
  • Unique rule based email monitoring system to track any incoming and outgoing email from your domain name. Keep check on your employee email activity and sensitive information. Also, Archieve all incoming and outgoing emails for your domain
  • Secure IMAP and POP support for incoming mails
  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Support for Outgoing mails
  • Advance Web based email access (Webmail)
  • Email As SMS - Receive SMS Alerts for Important Emails
  • SMS From Email - Send SMS Directly from your Emails*
  • Integrated Multi-layered anti-virus protection for all incoming and outgoing emails
  • Real-time Multi-layered spam protection
  • Spam Analysis Engine with auto-updates, auto-learning. Spam filter training facility for each mailbox
  • Personal Whitelists and Blacklists allow/block emails from specific IDs/domains
  • Email redirects, aliases, groups & autoresponders
  • Mailing Lists