Satara Advertising

Software Devlopment

We provides custom software development in high-quality and cost-efficient. We specialize in Website design, development and hosting.Also we provides best MLM, Inventory, ERP,e-School solutions. And effiecient, reliable services in almost all areas

A break to traditional model of using software by purchasing the licenses and maintaining the software for hosting and upgrades is nothing but SaaS: Software as a Service. As name suggests, we provide you a service in form of application in variety of domains. Panacea allows you a chance to skip all the hectic works and related un-productive duties that come as a parcel running software/applications.

Bulk SMS Features
  • Convenient Pays: Monthly/yearly subscription to save on hefty initial investments
  • Fast turn-around time: as the infra-structure and applications are already implemented, clients get ready access and no time invested to implement the custom coding
  • Ready updates: Clients get timely updates & fixes made to the software as a part of the service.
  • Convenience: use the application over internet through browser
  • Financial Freedom: allows clients to beet utilize the capital on other business aspect than investing on hardware and development